SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
68d3e59f Strobe2019-10-08 12:21:24masterFix company-respawn
fd31b23a Snake2019-10-07 20:34:17masterAdd MapSettings-GUI to MapEditor
2f09de16 MegaThorx2019-10-07 17:28:07masterUpdate phpSDK to new signature
199f8f6a MegaThorx2019-10-06 16:03:45feature/inventory2Addendum last commit
7cc9590f MegaThorx2019-10-06 16:03:07feature/inventory2Add serverside item moving
b9c5e0a3 MegaThorx2019-10-06 11:22:14masterAdd kick/ban/unban function to phpSDK
6cc59a80 Strobe2019-10-06 00:30:40masterAdd on AmmoQuickTradeGUI
f81ce3b3 MegaThorx2019-10-05 19:57:20masterAddendum last commit
0d8df528 MegaThorx2019-10-05 19:46:07masterAdd invisible option to nametag
c55ef2e9 Snake2019-10-05 19:39:58masterRemove Kobold.dff and Kobold.txd from meta.xml
0b1c84a5 Snake2019-10-05 19:18:36masterAdd VehicleMark-Offsets
83796fe0 MegaThorx2019-10-05 19:02:34masterUpdate EPT rank names
230d357d MegaThorx2019-10-05 18:47:24masterFix ept price for helicopter
4345ece8 MegaThorx2019-10-05 17:40:12masterReplace web browser skin preview with local stored images
845d9ae2 Snake2019-10-05 17:01:39masterAdd remaining time to DownloadGUI
acb18c37 Strobe2019-10-05 16:44:21masterStart AmmoQuickTrade
bc653f95 MegaThorx2019-10-05 16:11:24masterAddendum #00826487e
cd4e3523 MegaThorx2019-10-05 15:57:24masterAdd 15 minutes cooldown for respawning of company vehicles
84721269 MegaThorx2019-10-05 15:50:07masterUpdate ept prices
b86eda50 MegaThorx2019-10-05 15:19:07masterRemove NSW-LiVE and FFS radio station
acaf3b90 MegaThorx2019-10-05 15:16:59masterAdd bandage icon to nametag when player healed
2a917b93 Snake2019-10-05 15:02:04masterAdd Download-Progress to DownloadGUI
73369123 Strobe2019-10-05 10:51:16masterAdd file-size to archives in packAssets
7e670046 Strobe2019-10-05 10:42:07masterAddendum on last
57952ef3 Strobe2019-10-05 10:39:29masterAdd on last commit
1a2d838a Strobe2019-10-05 10:36:54masterAdd file-size to packAssets.py
714afb1a Strobe2019-10-02 18:48:32masterFix Heal-Time in DamageManager
a55afe9b Strobe2019-10-02 09:52:19masterAdd Company Weapon-Storage
a9f694f3 Strobe2019-10-02 09:07:02masterFix Faction-Error in DamageManager
35812a60 MegaThorx2019-10-01 19:57:57masterAdd smode alias to aduty, Update MTA Server, Add SD 33 anticheat, Add anticheat log