SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
8e1a85f4 Maurice2022-10-04 03:43:53masterAdd permissions change logs
6a34949a Maurice2022-10-04 03:26:08masterChange group action start requirements
8db496e8 Maurice2022-10-03 20:32:39masterFix on vehicle unregister
4568b980 Maurice2022-10-03 03:58:29masterFix on fire logs
417b8690 Maurice2022-10-03 01:46:42masterFix on ShopVehicleRob
b4c8ed65 Maurice2022-10-03 01:44:21masterFix on PayNSpray
ede91fae Maurice2022-10-02 18:05:40masterFix on group logs
6d2f9c8d Maurice2022-10-02 05:44:09masterFix on RcVanExtension
ec286028 Maurice2022-10-02 05:43:57masterFix on GroupVehicle
b0391cc2 Maurice2022-10-02 03:26:28masterFix on airdrop package scale
f983034e Maurice2022-10-01 03:20:28masterFix on treatment
bf8ca211 Maurice2022-10-01 03:20:20masterFix on ColorCars
16b4035e Maurice2022-09-30 19:53:36masterFix on RcVanExtension, Change ammunation prices
b365fe41 Maurice2022-09-30 19:07:51masterFix on ShopVehicleRob and FMS
00537959 Maurice2022-09-30 15:48:09masterAdd arrest marker for FBI
2d4b3eb8 Maurice2022-09-30 15:02:15masterAdd more delivery points for ShopVehicleRob
3ad62304 Maurice2022-09-30 02:50:17masterChange on Skyscraper
b48da842 Maurice2022-09-30 02:42:59masterImprove ShopVehicleRob
7b1239b3 Maurice2022-09-29 18:29:44masterPrevent shooting and enter vehicle as driver while cuffed
26e69f9a Maurice2022-09-29 15:29:01masterFix on vehicle trailer
ef19d6a9 Maurice2022-09-29 01:44:05masterFix on sewer sound and group marker
637edb36 Maurice2022-09-28 22:41:21masterFix on treat
5d560f0f Maurice2022-09-28 21:51:26masterFix on add / remove vehicle from group
b99e6622 Maurice2022-09-25 23:39:45masterFix on skin save
67886669 Maurice2022-09-23 22:50:17masterChange some WeedTruck messages
906428a5 Maurice2022-09-23 16:43:46masterMove onVehicleExplode from ShamalExtension to VehicleSeatExtension
5269d6ec Maurice2022-09-23 16:38:43masterFix on HouseGUI
ec380426 Maurice2022-09-22 20:11:16feature/pendingAdd weapon exceptions for dropping weapons
26845e4b Maurice2022-09-22 20:00:52feature/pendingChange on PermissionsManager, Add more rc vehicles for rcvan
8897928d Maurice2022-09-22 15:09:20feature/pendingFix fuel price calculation for sannews app