SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
d9bc8ba7 Maurice2023-02-04 16:41:58feature/pendingAdd radar detector for vehicles
cfcaab6a Maurice2023-01-19 10:26:27feature/pendingIncrease tow and pick up vehicle fee
baed6242 Maurice2023-01-16 07:32:57feature/pendingAdd manageImmoDepot permission for groups
107e6991 Maurice2023-01-12 00:40:08feature/pendingAdd ability to set house for sale
0f5cdcab Maurice2023-01-10 21:08:59feature/pendingFix skimmer parking issue
377c04f5 Maurice2023-01-07 02:27:14masterDeactivate Christmas
8f580bf1 Maurice2023-01-06 00:01:12feature/pendingFix storage throwable weapons, Fix on execution ped, Add position message for vehicle take at mechanic
abe5518b Maurice2023-01-05 23:52:41masterFix on airdrop, Fix on job log
f4716855 Maurice2023-01-04 03:42:18masterImprove VM and Wine whitelist, Always show admin announces
7eb231b0 Maurice2023-01-02 23:03:31masterAdd on last
590ee683 Maurice2023-01-02 22:51:04masterAdd whitelist for VMs and Wine
e60e115b Maurice2022-12-26 21:54:36feature/pendingAdd new color for faction and company gui if player is onduty
e7b06c06 Maurice2022-12-26 00:54:59masterEnable Firework Shop
cae484a5 Maurice2022-12-22 00:11:11feature/pendingAdd alternative faction/company respawn with announcement
270b9682 Maurice2022-12-21 23:42:08feature/pendingAdd ability to select more than one weapon in deathmatch arena, Add more maps for deathmatch arena
80acf29b Maurice2022-12-19 22:35:56feature/pendingAdd ability for customers to buy dancers at bars
a2bcc7cc Maurice2022-12-19 22:13:24masterFix vatos nametag
b692f58e Maurice2022-12-10 01:00:37masterFix on sell contract fix
c7dcccb2 Maurice2022-12-10 00:36:34masterChange faction
583bb8bb Maurice2022-12-09 23:25:03masterFix on cookie clicker
c4289a34 Maurice2022-12-06 15:11:03masterFix on player history
a603e167 Maurice2022-12-06 15:10:04masterFix on sell contract
3f92e42c Maurice2022-12-02 21:08:06masterChange on ChristmasTruck and CookieClicker
9f4fbd66 Maurice2022-12-02 01:20:25feature/christmasAdd new Christmas
04a59517 Maurice2022-12-01 21:23:47masterChange on ballas.map
1712723f Maurice2022-12-01 21:23:46masterChange on admin permissions
4c5d1b32 Maurice2022-12-01 21:23:46masterChange faction
b3876ed9 Snake2022-11-21 01:15:17masterDeactivate Halloween
f562aca1 Snake2022-10-31 14:44:11masterFix Login-Fix edit
d1485cc0 Snake2022-10-31 01:22:51masterDeactivate Sentry Job