SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
55b447e1 MegaThorx2021-05-20 17:43:00masterFix translation issue?
3ec82dd3 Snake2021-05-03 12:47:57masterFix build_docker_job
e6a0a8d3 StiviiK2021-05-03 11:59:16masterUpdate .gitlab-ci.yml
ddf13bd9 Snake2021-04-26 01:30:22masterDeactivate Easter-Event
2abf7eea MegaThorx2021-04-05 16:02:34masterRemove debug line from POParser
2d3fe5a7 MegaThorx2021-04-05 15:06:02masterImprove POParser
293398ed Snake2021-04-02 02:44:57masterActivate Easter-Event
f748126e Snake2021-03-24 20:32:56masterAdd instantiation check to login info
a315e16b Snake2021-03-24 12:59:49masterDeactivate repair kit setting engine state
9d42b872 megathorx2021-03-23 16:59:09masterAdd procedure for groups and event
ae9a35d1 megathorx2021-03-23 16:49:35masterAdd stored procedure for companies
663daee6 megathorx2021-03-23 16:45:33masterAdd stored procedure for updating faction user field
de736e55 MegaThorx2021-03-22 17:40:25masterFix sentry on the client
d26f8205 Snake2021-03-20 13:57:07masterAdd queue- and connectionfail infos to login
1a725998 Snake2021-03-18 01:54:48masterAdd experimental tag to language selection
2e9d7410 Snake2021-03-16 22:03:32masterFix Aztecas icon and gas station
655ddd6b MegaThorx2021-03-15 15:29:58masterFix events in SelfGUI
866684e2 MegaThorx2021-03-15 15:24:29masterImplement translation to english
037ad4a7 Snake2021-03-15 13:30:55masterFix Ammunation ammo bug
c883ba32 Snake2021-01-22 23:01:36feature/inventory2Add new Tooltip
7f401853 Snake2021-01-17 23:30:57feature/inventory2Fix Inventory GUI bugs
b6f2c1a6 Snake2021-01-11 03:55:57masterDisable Christmas
89a46738 Snake2021-01-11 03:48:43feature/inventory2Add ability to add temporary inventories
e25a2f83 Snake2021-01-06 18:44:27feature/inventory2Fix on item dragging
000154fd Snake2021-01-04 15:12:57masterFix on self arrest window
8a1aca9d Snake2021-01-04 14:20:52masterFix ticket command
e0164648 Snake2020-12-29 14:23:46masterFix on Pricepool
e7bbd532 MasterM2020-12-08 21:02:28masteranother fix attempt for carrying objects
f49acc1b MasterM2020-12-04 12:40:33masterfix blocking vehicle usage when carrying certain objects
a0ef697b MegaThorx2020-12-01 21:33:21masterFix two typos in rental, Fix rental return bug, Fix a message at the jewelry store