SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
5e804d5d Snake2020-06-02 23:27:27release/productionRemove collision at cityhall
a371fb15 Snake2020-06-02 23:27:27release/productionChange Vatos rank names
af5350fd Snake2020-06-02 23:27:27release/productionFix admin vehicle repair
e989683e Snake2020-06-02 23:27:27release/productionFix WeaponManager allowing to punch in jail/prison
354f6c65 Snake2020-06-02 23:02:08hotfix/generalFix admin vehicle repair
68826e95 Snake2020-06-02 23:01:46hotfix/generalAdd logs to vehicle teleport
c0b58d95 MasterM2020-06-02 21:59:39masterfix vehicle import issues (respawn, vehicle amount)
706364bd Snake2020-06-02 21:14:38hotfix/generalChange Vatos rank names
1bd2b566 Snake2020-06-02 21:13:23hotfix/generalRemove collision at cityhall
0adda166 Snake2020-06-02 21:11:44hotfix/generalFix WeaponManager allowing to punch in jail/prison
74c01c16 Snake2020-06-02 18:21:45release/productionAdd last modified timestamp when building archives
54a63f4b MegaThorx2020-06-02 18:12:20masterAdd min rank support to remote sendChatBox
5d9f38d9 Snake2020-06-02 18:12:20masterAdd Ballas GasStation
a0008dd7 Snake2020-06-02 18:12:20masterFix on FactionMember-Switch
dbb41812 MegaThorx2020-06-02 18:12:20masterFix playtime calculation
ea13a3e7 MegaThorx2020-06-02 18:12:20masterRework death money drop (fix issue in dimension/interiors), Fix arrest on vehicle kill, Fix tp position for casino
f0d03fef Snake2020-06-02 18:12:20masterAdjust on C-Bug Fix
535a12d1 Snake2020-06-02 18:06:43hotfix/generalAdd last modified timestamp when building archives
1fbaba41 Snake2020-05-31 17:42:10hotfix/generalFix on Last
67a1a15b Snake2020-05-31 00:41:20release/productionAdd on Last
fa64de4e Snake2020-05-31 00:40:31hotfix/generalAdd on Last
a81a316a Snake2020-05-29 16:27:15hotfix/generalAdd on C-Bug Fix
930f379c MasterM2020-05-26 22:48:58masterset nametag faction and company icons by duty state
67bf34d6 MasterM2020-05-26 22:40:40masterclean up event triggers and remove useless debug
698f17b1 SlliX2020-05-26 21:24:21feature/cinemafix on eventhandler
2db8713d MegaThorx2020-05-24 22:41:07hotfix/generalFix nametag bug, Fix error message with money drop and add chat log to san news
05a185b6 SlliX2020-05-24 20:44:41feature/cinemarework stuff
3367dee5 Snake2020-05-24 14:34:07hotfix/generalFix on phpsdk
71f25843 Snake2020-05-24 03:25:41release/productionAdjust on C-Bug Fix
7fc6fd96 Snake2020-05-24 03:25:41release/productionAdd Ballas GasStation