SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
09cd4d48 Snake2020-06-18 15:46:59feature/inventory2Add wearable portables to new inventory
f2c63ca3 MegaThorx2020-06-17 21:33:43masterImprove gettext logic
58e11a84 Snake2020-06-13 00:33:13feature/inventory2Add sell contract to new inventory
4ced9c72 SlliX2020-06-11 21:38:15masteradd faction/company skin change in self menu
d78a076e SlliX2020-06-11 20:14:04masterfix Area51 warning message
8be0749f MasterM2020-06-11 17:53:23masterimport: disable attached vehicle collision
d31f4256 Snake2020-06-11 16:35:09feature/inventory2Implement static world items
22932e28 MegaThorx2020-06-11 16:23:52masterAddendum last commit
c60530e5 MegaThorx2020-06-11 14:57:41masterAddendum last commit
e7bd1b21 MegaThorx2020-06-11 14:54:50masterAdd remaining 3 fields, Add automatic refill of the seeds up to 1000 seeds
86700922 MasterM2020-06-09 21:19:21masterimport: fix ramp not moving, fix vehicle loading, add loading icon
32d6319c SlliX2020-06-09 19:56:58masteradd cinema
14de081e Snake2020-06-08 17:55:51hotfix/generalFix HUDRadar radar nametag issue
10450f2a Snake2020-06-08 02:26:21masterAdd diplomacy nametag icons
9a7bc589 MegaThorx2020-06-07 17:26:39hotfix/generalFix HUDRadar radar render issue
c2ffe098 MegaThorx2020-06-07 01:18:49hotfix/generalAddendum last commit
a2eb1e2a MegaThorx2020-06-06 23:39:57hotfix/generalImprove screen capture
baab62c7 Snake2020-06-06 20:19:10hotfix/generalAdd ScreenCapture-Class
ed9b46b4 MegaThorx2020-06-06 15:57:28hotfix/generalAdd new remote function sendMessage
63f9fd83 Snake2020-06-05 22:50:58masterFix edge damage bug
8cd426fd MegaThorx2020-06-05 21:23:08masterAddendum last commit
c4ff91dd MegaThorx2020-06-05 17:34:58masterWIP: Rework farmer job, please test - only one field yet
bc2d501e Snake2020-06-05 15:36:29master[hide] Fix a invisibility bug in VehicleTeleporter
1238ab23 Snake2020-06-04 21:28:44masterAdd mechanic yard costs
250aa64e Snake2020-06-04 19:39:41masterAdd ability to repair own vehicle as mechanic
2d70c862 Snake2020-06-04 17:59:02masterAdd vehicle tow fee
3ae87b7c Snake2020-06-04 16:46:51masterChange PlaneAccident removal BankAccount
16a6ee06 MegaThorx2020-06-03 20:06:01hotfix/generalRemove debug line
8d650c53 MegaThorx2020-06-03 19:58:51hotfix/generalFix bug with money drop
2310c4c7 Snake2020-06-02 23:27:27release/productionAdd logs to vehicle teleport