SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
85cbba38 SlliX2020-07-01 23:54:36masterfix on cinema
ce7267f6 MasterM2020-07-01 23:52:15masterfix vehicle keys for evil factions
11c3ba86 MasterM2020-07-01 23:43:12masterfix vehicle import handbrake for players
65d95b20 MasterM2020-07-01 22:34:44release/productionfix scoreboard
0a0b54bf MasterM2020-07-01 22:12:41release/productionfix highscoregui translations
af427035 MasterM2020-07-01 20:21:51masterupdate PROJECT_VERSION
a2617746 MasterM2020-06-30 23:50:52masteradd job lexicon pages, change farmer ped skin
05f83347 SlliX2020-06-30 22:54:03masterremove anim restriction, fix eating anim
e702d1d7 Snake2020-06-30 15:14:20feature/guiform-range-extensionAdd GUIWindow closing range
8baf32a0 MasterM2020-06-28 15:30:39masterfix typo on farmer prices
71d5450d MasterM2020-06-28 15:29:03masterfarmer: decrease walton mission text boxes, remove speed limit again, change delivery position
c4f348bf MasterM2020-06-28 15:29:03masterchange vehicle import payment calculation (again)
a299a428 SlliX2020-06-27 23:20:52masterdisable anim when falling, laying on ground, in gw
61c44195 MasterM2020-06-27 14:23:06masterrework farmer field missions
cd60780b MasterM2020-06-27 14:23:06masterenable texture shop for vortex
3d7fc0db MasterM2020-06-27 14:23:05masterfix vehicle preview textures outside of shop
d8857e04 Snake2020-06-26 16:04:43masterForce activation of remote websites
6241a40d Snake2020-06-26 04:08:18feature/faction-changesChange LCN WT and Airdrop destinations
2694bca2 Snake2020-06-26 03:33:56feature/faction-changesAdd La Cosa Nosta, deactivate Yakuza
5745ba9a MasterM2020-06-25 22:24:34masterfix exo hud image (again ... )
706259ab MasterM2020-06-25 21:59:27masterset spawnpoint to interior for evil factions, revert wt blip changes
2ca79ff6 Snake2020-06-22 18:18:24masterFix rocket launcher camera stuck
0c736fd7 Snake2020-06-22 17:33:50masterAdd jetfuel to Ballas gas station
b02f782b Snake2020-06-22 17:29:22masterFix on desert eagle weapon switch
d1847a32 Snake2020-06-20 17:03:02master[hide] Fix a bug to bypass vehicle gun cooldowns
61ac6df8 MasterM2020-06-20 00:02:54masteradd warning for players near gangwar area
6008f6d3 MasterM2020-06-19 22:04:28masterremove karma system, remove some unused classes
7c26e793 MasterM2020-06-19 22:04:28masterincrease scoreboard group size, fix exo hud air icon
fe895463 MasterM2020-06-19 22:04:28masterupdate help system, remove old classes, refactor help bar
54cd50e4 SlliX2020-06-19 21:33:34masterfix group getOnlinePlayers