SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
33810ae9 Maurice2022-06-20 03:27:12feature/pendingMove garages to db
7cd969ce Maurice2022-06-19 11:26:27feature/pendingFix weapons removal bug on faction uninvite
41d9e3dd Maurice2022-06-19 11:08:23feature/pendingFix on toggle weapon usage
860b0047 Maurice2022-06-19 10:20:14feature/pendingChange Weed-Truck
a2e92cc1 Maurice2022-06-19 10:06:16feature/pendingPrevent animations while eating, Remove Illegal items when killed by cop
2f1813f9 Maurice2022-06-19 07:05:06feature/pendingFix faction duty after skin buy bug
b53bf359 Maurice2022-06-19 06:43:39feature/pendingAdd function to CJShop peds, Fix treat bug
46e687ab Maurice2022-06-18 11:06:45feature/pendingClear injury list on healing
ac4f6e14 Maurice2022-06-18 11:00:07feature/pendingAdd ability to put melee weapons into trunk
706fe82e Maurice2022-06-18 10:58:57feature/pendingFix sewer sound bug
58d4041b Maurice2022-06-17 23:25:23feature/pendingAdd ability to disable / enable wepaon usage for players in factions, Add distance check for many MouseMenu functions
d0467c2a Maurice2022-06-17 23:14:53feature/pendingAdd ability to fill fire extinguisher at firetruck
a3f2abe8 Maurice2022-06-17 22:52:04feature/pendingAdd RPG limit, Change AirDrop prices
064f9ba4 Maurice2022-06-17 22:46:11feature/pendingAdd ActionCheck in group GUI
89e43bd5 Maurice2022-06-17 22:32:32feature/pendingAdd ability to spawn at rescue after duty death, Add arrest zone for FBI
118efaf9 Maurice2022-06-17 22:18:37feature/pendingAdd vehicle scrapper for boats and planes
d9e9a68a Maurice2022-06-17 18:30:23feature/pendingChange Biker.map
315b2550 Maurice2022-06-17 18:29:11feature/pendingFix Forum Sync button bug
cce65cf1 Maurice2022-06-17 18:24:55feature/pendingAdd DefuseKit function
fc6a6920 Maurice2022-06-17 18:22:45feature/pendingChange Ammunation weapon prices, Add multiplicator for app order
c64b0895 Maurice2022-06-17 18:15:05feature/pendingAdd ability to mute all radios
29ed3d64 Maurice2022-06-17 18:09:44feature/pendingAdd ability to drop weapon
1669b9b2 Maurice2022-06-17 16:15:13feature/colorcarsAdd PowerUp sync on lobby join, Fix Fuel bug
fdab965e Maurice2022-06-13 22:27:12feature/colorcarsFix typo
c3b70a57 Maurice2022-05-19 23:26:45feature/fuv-changesChange faction
581fd0fe Maurice2022-05-19 21:55:16feature/fuv-changesChange taxi and vehicle rental price, Change EPT skins
8bc799b4 Maurice2022-05-19 19:33:10feature/fuv-changesChange Fire start requirement
1b41aeac Maurice2022-05-19 19:28:10feature/fuv-changesChange BugChecker Ped position
ea93a26c Maurice2022-05-19 17:51:59feature/colorcarsAdd Server Lobbys, Fix Typos
7461a721 Maurice2022-05-18 23:24:39feature/colorcarsAdd Power Ups, Add Hooks