SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
49b6adfb Maurice2022-07-23 15:23:52feature/pendingFix Typos
0296339a Maurice2022-07-23 15:05:42feature/pendingChange on SkyscraperGUI
26da7645 Maurice2022-07-23 03:34:01feature/pendingAdd new function and new messages for shop vehicle rob, Add new wanted shortcut
0a103487 Maurice2022-07-22 16:45:56feature/pendingAdd Peds for shop vehicle rob, Fix double marker hit bug
24cffaee Maurice2022-07-15 22:41:38feature/pendingFix on weedtruck, Change on vehicle unregister
eefdb0f1 Maurice2022-07-15 16:36:10feature/pendingFix on clearHouse
6b05ccfe Maurice2022-07-11 19:03:37feature/fuv-changesChange faction
d6881b77 Maurice2022-07-11 16:00:26feature/pendingFix on weapon removal when going duty
bbe5f807 Maurice2022-07-10 13:04:01feature/pendingAdd function for skin level, Allow skin trade again
822715e1 Maurice2022-07-09 19:51:54feature/pendingAdd new admin function, Add ability to release handbrake from vehicles that are for sale or rent
3673c449 Maurice2022-07-09 00:34:33feature/pendingFix on BusRouteInformationGUI
f298e371 Maurice2022-07-08 23:20:57feature/pendingFix group vehicle despawn on quit
51bec9d2 Maurice2022-07-07 20:56:08feature/pendingFix prison time reset on death bug
884be0a0 Maurice2022-07-06 22:59:11feature/pendingChange Kevlar
2d297b11 Maurice2022-07-04 20:50:45feature/pendingFix on faction weapons removal
a4148e1b Maurice2022-07-04 19:02:58feature/pendingFix on PayNSpray, Fix typo
0c1abc8c Maurice2022-07-04 15:49:54feature/pendingAdd ability to estimate vehicles from shop vehicle rob
caa030af Maurice2022-07-02 18:17:28feature/pendingAdd shop vehicle rob
df11aa9e Maurice2022-07-01 00:28:55feature/pendingSave vehicle rental even after server restart
0af783d4 Maurice2022-07-01 00:01:13feature/pendingLink new lexicon articles
c0f06c99 Maurice2022-06-29 20:56:53feature/pendingPrevent advertisements in admin prison
43c4bb5e Maurice2022-06-29 20:56:11feature/pendingChange Vehicle Unregister GUI, Prevent using and destroying items while tied or cuffed
66f785df Maurice2022-06-21 16:12:58feature/pendingMove tp table to db
cac3d944 Maurice2022-06-21 03:29:13feature/pendingAdd new Jail, Fix on respawn for key owners
d4b8fd8e Maurice2022-06-20 22:07:56feature/pendingAdd house garage blips
7d1e0551 Maurice2022-06-20 20:27:52feature/pendingAdd ability to unregister vehicles
52bf96d6 Maurice2022-06-20 19:51:47feature/pendingAdd kevlar for state
6a60a12b Maurice2022-06-20 18:05:40feature/pendingAdd ability to hide skin when on the phone
b648145f Maurice2022-06-20 13:12:53feature/pendingAdd instant respawn for gangwar players
01fe3e36 Maurice2022-06-20 12:22:33feature/pendingAdd ability to add custom garages