SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
93d836e5 Maurice2022-08-07 06:02:55feature/pendingAdd RcVanExtension, Add ability to store weapons individually
8e5bab53 Maurice2022-08-07 00:26:00feature/pendingAdd VehicleKeyListGUI
1950a9b5 Maurice2022-08-06 00:14:44feature/pendingFix on ColorCars, Add message for some actions when actiontruck is in water
bf8e2b3e Maurice2022-08-04 20:51:59feature/pendingPrevent respawn unregistered vehicle in garage, Prevent picking lock and treat at the same time, Prevent (un)load objects when in vehicle
9c475f1c Maurice2022-08-04 19:48:54feature/pendingFix block flying vehicles when object attached, Block deliver when in vehicle
4c9c7ac3 Maurice2022-08-02 21:12:37feature/pendingAdd VehicleSeatExtension, Rework ShamalExtension
7f5dd0ae Maurice2022-07-30 18:03:25feature/pendingAdd wasted and afk hook for ColorCars, Prevent placing objects and join lobby while duty
f515ea55 Maurice2022-07-29 21:57:46feature/pendingFix typo, Fix gate close, Fix vehicle scrapper, Add use company bankaccount when repairing company vehicle
baf83d68 Maurice2022-07-28 03:32:43feature/pendingAdd constant for vehicle fire, Add new requirement to unregister vehicle, Fix on respawn for key owners
70d69bb5 Maurice2022-07-27 21:54:03feature/pendingFix drop weapon while dead, Fix shoot bug
d12ab6ae Maurice2022-07-27 01:53:01feature/pendingChange on ShopVehicleRob, Change height on QuestionBox, Change elegant.map
2e024e60 Maurice2022-07-26 05:14:52feature/pendingFix on save last driver after restart, Fix Fonts
995db64c Maurice2022-07-26 03:20:59feature/pendingFix weapontruck load
97cfced9 Maurice2022-07-26 03:07:23feature/pendingAdd range check for weedtruck and skyscraper, Add InteriorEnterExitGUI for skyscraper
3b2623c4 Maurice2022-07-26 01:21:44feature/pendingFix on toggle area alarm button
77d1d029 Maurice2022-07-26 01:07:40feature/pendingFix on kevlar
5410d494 Maurice2022-07-26 01:05:55feature/pendingFix weapontruck deload
d652e428 Snake2022-07-25 19:42:44masterChange libncursesw version in Dockerfile
204c19b4 Snake2022-07-25 19:30:14masterChange libncursesw version in Dockerfile
a4669ac5 Snake2022-07-25 19:23:30masterChange libcursesw version in Dockerfile
776907c8 Snake2022-07-25 19:14:06masterAdd libncursesw5-dev to Dockerfile
fe3e54a7 Snake2022-07-25 19:00:22masterUpdate Debian Version in Dockerfile
b22bc44d Snake2022-07-25 18:37:27masterAdd OpenSSL to Dockerfile
9b3d44f4 Snake2022-07-25 18:03:16masterUpdate MTA Server Version
39e41040 Maurice2022-07-23 21:32:14feature/pendingRemove useless code
3ee05c87 Maurice2022-07-23 17:51:21feature/fuv-changesAdd constant for vehicle rental
2113dcc2 Maurice2022-07-23 17:36:59feature/pendingAdd constant for vehicle position type name
af628f11 Maurice2022-07-23 17:16:42feature/pendingChange on skyscraper
d1cb855c Maurice2022-07-23 16:42:24feature/pendingChange message type to breaking news for some messages
126f3bbe Maurice2022-07-23 16:35:17feature/pendingDisable lock picking, when player attached to vehicle