SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
e5f8031b Snake2018-12-10 20:15:18feature/plane-accidentAdd blip for mechanics
3c024dc6 HorrorClown2018-12-10 19:28:19masterShow only known fish species in pricing gui
c68318d4 Snake2018-12-10 18:35:08masterAdjust boxerjob money, difficulty and guis
d7b9c83f MasterM2018-12-10 18:01:14hotfix/generalincluded last five queries in debug message, fixed admin spect error
7dbe37df HorrorClown2018-12-10 00:32:11masterRemoved dEv ThiNGs
aaa2c616 HorrorClown2018-12-10 00:22:13masterFixed pewx noob lel
782291fc HorrorClown2018-12-09 23:56:16masterAddendum to f36e12948752912616febde4052b596a0b244b89
6071493f gatno2018-12-09 23:31:16masterRemoved debug console output in drawcontest
0f191fca gatno2018-12-09 23:28:02masterUpdated pewx urls
7fcf4883 gatno2018-12-09 23:26:57masterAdded https to PICUPLOAD_PATH
18dbfa81 gatno2018-12-09 22:56:21masterFixed respawn with groupname as factionname
ab378cbd gatno2018-12-09 22:48:26masterRemove Player from vehicle after driving school lession
fc0026a0 gatno2018-12-09 22:42:19masterFixed weapon bugs in dm arena and shootingranch
79a52cf0 Snake2018-12-09 20:34:21hotfix/generalFix deathmatch lobby bug, add jetpack for supporter
f36e1294 HorrorClown2018-12-09 20:17:37feature/fishing-updateRefactored self gui statistics and also added some new fishing stats
74bebb17 MasterM2018-12-09 19:26:44masteradded bomb to illegal items, readded phone logs
f693341b MasterM2018-12-09 19:11:19masterchanged m&t buy option, removed driver check for gates
68f4eaad MasterM2018-12-09 18:43:33masterupdated missing font icons
41615443 Snake2018-12-09 18:28:45feature/plane-accidentAdd ability to enter flatbed for mechanics only
32a99018 HorrorClown2018-12-09 17:37:16feature/fishing-updateAdded cave location
4d653395 MasterM2018-12-09 17:14:25masterfixed locating button
05b63986 gatno2018-12-09 17:06:38masterFixed takeWeapons offduty
c47ed1f0 HorrorClown2018-12-09 16:55:34feature/fishing-updateFinished fishing accessories
e412bfd4 gatno2018-12-09 02:55:09masterAddendum to last commit
612bfb85 gatno2018-12-09 02:54:27masterFixed Bomb place issue
e1453e1e gatno2018-12-09 02:47:24masterFixed disable navi announcements
52a4dde3 gatno2018-12-09 02:35:16masterAdded Date in HUD
f02a623c gatno2018-12-09 02:19:37masterAdded offline message on bank transfer
33d6f4b2 gatno2018-12-09 02:08:37masterAdded tie, cuff and uncuff in clickmenu
f5c274c0 Snake2018-12-09 02:06:40feature/plane-accidentAdd plane accident system