SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
b6f2c1a6 Snake2021-01-11 03:55:57masterDisable Christmas
89a46738 Snake2021-01-11 03:48:43feature/inventory2Add ability to add temporary inventories
e25a2f83 Snake2021-01-06 18:44:27feature/inventory2Fix on item dragging
000154fd Snake2021-01-04 15:12:57masterFix on self arrest window
8a1aca9d Snake2021-01-04 14:20:52masterFix ticket command
e0164648 Snake2020-12-29 14:23:46masterFix on Pricepool
e7bbd532 MasterM2020-12-08 21:02:28masteranother fix attempt for carrying objects
f49acc1b MasterM2020-12-04 12:40:33masterfix blocking vehicle usage when carrying certain objects
a0ef697b MegaThorx2020-12-01 21:33:21masterFix two typos in rental, Fix rental return bug, Fix a message at the jewelry store
9c55665f Snake2020-12-01 15:10:25masterFix on group vehicle renting
0b597af5 Snake2020-12-01 00:24:21masterFix on Pricepool
7fa62701 Snake2020-12-01 00:02:14masterAdd Pricepool for christmas
d179a971 Snake2020-11-30 23:42:54masterAdd some wanted shortcuts
24b8c00f Snake2020-11-30 23:00:01masterAdjust Atm sabotage
1b9ee58c Snake2020-11-30 22:58:56masterAdd notification for destroying jewelry shelves
c8d03716 Snake2020-11-30 20:48:31masterAdjust some christmas stuff
97061434 Snake2020-11-29 16:40:25masterAdjust house clearing through inactivity
326de6a0 Snake2020-11-29 15:44:16masterAdjust jewelry store robbery
a5fd40ee MasterM2020-11-27 23:23:09masterenable christmas for testing
6f740016 Snake2020-11-23 22:36:32masterSave group infos after purging
a4738084 Snake2020-11-23 18:33:54masterFix distribution of group money after deletion
4362a128 Snake2020-11-22 17:13:47masterPrevent fall damage under 5 percent
975d15e6 Snake2020-11-22 15:24:26masterFix on Atm repair timers
bf0ebe11 Snake2020-11-21 14:54:20masterAdd ability to sabotage ATMs
e2495d61 MegaThorx2020-11-20 16:37:15masterFinish jewelry store robbery
0496e02e MegaThorx2020-11-15 21:03:51masterAdd jewelry store rob
aee85a94 Snake2020-11-15 16:00:47feature/inventory2Add Trading to new inventory
995df4a7 MegaThorx2020-11-14 14:21:20masterAddendum last commit
5be48f8d MegaThorx2020-11-14 14:01:04masterFix group renting vehicle and add rented vehicle locate button
cc7da616 MegaThorx2020-11-13 18:20:46masterAdd vehicle renting for groups