SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
1537a48a Snake2020-05-19 18:33:36hotfix/generalAdd Texture and LOD Support to MapEditor
57d6bb4b Snake2020-05-19 18:16:56hotfix/generalRemove bench at Gas-Station LV
e21ef63f MegaThorx2020-05-18 23:42:45release/productionImprove farmer job, increased pay for plants transport, increased amount of seeds per transport, added second starting npc and vehicle spawner to seeds loading marker
8a4bbbc0 Snake2020-05-17 03:38:45hotfix/generalFix on CatchGame-Achievement
7ae7323a MasterM2020-05-16 21:39:33hotfix/generalfix interior teleport creation on login, add int and dim to vehicle spawn
7a2f266f MasterM2020-05-16 21:02:12hotfix/generalfix player teleportation, fix vehicle spawn and delete
a767ebc4 MasterM2020-05-16 21:02:12hotfix/generalfix for leaving player, fix for interiorEnterExit, change on vehicle park
da631485 MasterM2020-05-16 21:02:12hotfix/generalfix leaving event on stop
2301fa2b Snake2020-05-16 19:02:25hotfix/generalFix error message in VehicleGuns
c045147d Snake2020-05-16 17:48:39hotfix/generalAdd jetfuel to faction Gas-Stations
5ad864c2 Snake2020-05-16 17:15:12hotfix/generalRemove Brigada Gate
1f76e01b Snake2020-05-16 01:45:17hotfix/generalFix on SelfGUI Sound-Settings
1c2086f5 Snake2020-05-16 01:40:17hotfix/generalFix on Hitsound-Deactivation
cc101585 Snake2020-05-16 01:35:39hotfix/generalFix on ColshapeStreamer
946a0386 SlliX2020-05-15 22:36:17feature/cinemaadd cinema
f30f23d2 MasterM2020-05-15 22:31:29hotfix/admin-event-fixesfix player teleportation, fix vehicle spawn and delete
d0603148 MasterM2020-05-15 21:05:02hotfix/admin-event-fixesfix leaving event on stop
9130c617 Snake2020-05-15 20:53:56hotfix/generalAdd on Last
edfeb011 Snake2020-05-15 19:43:06hotfix/generalFix on C-Bug Fix
fa92e8ff Snake2020-05-15 19:39:12hotfix/generalFix on JobBoxer-TopList
ebfe592b MegaThorx2020-05-15 18:41:21hotfix/generalFix statistics log for boxer
5462ca14 MegaThorx2020-05-15 13:40:11release/productionFix boxer job
538e24a4 MegaThorx2020-05-15 12:37:40hotfix/generalAdd second download server, fix bug with farmer job
013110a5 Snake2020-05-15 00:26:44hotfix/generalAdd new C-Bug Fix
955c15b2 MegaThorx2020-05-14 23:26:44hotfix/generalAdd seed transport to farmer job, Adjust payday of farmer and gravel job, Add job money multiplicator until sunday
7198be1a Snake2020-05-13 21:42:30feature/inventory2Add nails to new inventory
f89ab031 MasterM2020-05-12 22:38:43hotfix/admin-event-fixesfix for leaving player, fix for interiorEnterExit, change on vehicle park
1343f6ae MegaThorx2020-05-12 00:04:12hotfix/generalAdd screenshot endpoint
519c92fd MasterM2020-05-11 22:15:44feature/vehicle-importfix blip bugs and vehicle purchase
aae87bbf MasterM2020-05-11 20:22:19masteradd vehicle import to car dealerships as an EPT mission