SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
fa64de4e Snake2020-05-31 00:40:31hotfix/generalAdd on Last
a81a316a Snake2020-05-29 16:27:15hotfix/generalAdd on C-Bug Fix
930f379c MasterM2020-05-26 22:48:58masterset nametag faction and company icons by duty state
67bf34d6 MasterM2020-05-26 22:40:40masterclean up event triggers and remove useless debug
698f17b1 SlliX2020-05-26 21:24:21feature/cinemafix on eventhandler
2db8713d MegaThorx2020-05-24 22:41:07hotfix/generalFix nametag bug, Fix error message with money drop and add chat log to san news
05a185b6 SlliX2020-05-24 20:44:41feature/cinemarework stuff
3367dee5 Snake2020-05-24 14:34:07hotfix/generalFix on phpsdk
71f25843 Snake2020-05-24 03:25:41release/productionAdjust on C-Bug Fix
7fc6fd96 Snake2020-05-24 03:25:41release/productionAdd Ballas GasStation
c29098ee Snake2020-05-24 03:24:06hotfix/generalAdjust on C-Bug Fix
42e4b0fc Snake2020-05-23 16:01:41hotfix/generalAdd Ballas GasStation
0c642ad2 MegaThorx2020-05-23 13:42:08hotfix/generalAdd min rank support to remote sendChatBox
069fbf54 MegaThorx2020-05-23 12:11:58hotfix/generalRework death money drop (fix issue in dimension/interiors), Fix arrest on vehicle kill, Fix tp position for casino
8daf8da8 Snake2020-05-23 04:51:06hotfix/generalFix on FactionMember-Switch
855e728d MegaThorx2020-05-22 22:27:18hotfix/generalFix playtime calculation
8f997d94 Snake2020-05-22 21:54:07feature/faction-changesDisable Biker, Activate Ballas
ab9d9bec MegaThorx2020-05-20 14:52:27hotfix/generalSwitch download servers
6ca5d86a Snake2020-05-19 21:13:14hotfix/generalAdd on Last
1537a48a Snake2020-05-19 18:33:36hotfix/generalAdd Texture and LOD Support to MapEditor
57d6bb4b Snake2020-05-19 18:16:56hotfix/generalRemove bench at Gas-Station LV
e21ef63f MegaThorx2020-05-18 23:42:45release/productionImprove farmer job, increased pay for plants transport, increased amount of seeds per transport, added second starting npc and vehicle spawner to seeds loading marker
8a4bbbc0 Snake2020-05-17 03:38:45hotfix/generalFix on CatchGame-Achievement
7ae7323a MasterM2020-05-16 21:39:33hotfix/generalfix interior teleport creation on login, add int and dim to vehicle spawn
7a2f266f MasterM2020-05-16 21:02:12hotfix/generalfix player teleportation, fix vehicle spawn and delete
a767ebc4 MasterM2020-05-16 21:02:12hotfix/generalfix for leaving player, fix for interiorEnterExit, change on vehicle park
da631485 MasterM2020-05-16 21:02:12hotfix/generalfix leaving event on stop
2301fa2b Snake2020-05-16 19:02:25hotfix/generalFix error message in VehicleGuns
c045147d Snake2020-05-16 17:48:39hotfix/generalAdd jetfuel to faction Gas-Stations
5ad864c2 Snake2020-05-16 17:15:12hotfix/generalRemove Brigada Gate