SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
f24f6827 MasterM2020-09-12 22:34:18masteradd group vehicle mass respawn
2c171d4d MasterM2020-09-12 21:48:20mastermake vehicle health permanent
e9035bec MasterM2020-09-01 21:28:46masterfix explosive truck box seizing, prevent box delivery message on wt marker
5ab192c7 MasterM2020-09-01 21:04:50masteraddendum on death time removal with wanteds
cd9d98c9 MasterM2020-08-22 23:28:20mastertest with death screen skip on arrest
e8ac5058 MasterM2020-08-22 22:45:43masterfix remaining end positions for automated license test
889f4d1c MasterM2020-08-22 22:45:14masterclean up player f11 map keys
ddfe7457 MasterM2020-08-22 22:15:10masterfix admin radius respawn
70528cdc MasterM2020-08-22 21:30:01masteraddendum on vehicle conversion when towing it
9f3757f5 MasterM2020-08-15 17:58:31masterfix wrong advert sender
a6bce4b1 MasterM2020-08-15 17:01:46hotfix/generalfix vehicle fuel display
d3b03315 MasterM2020-08-15 16:54:33masterprevent vehicle conversion if in use or currently towed
020ada67 MasterM2020-08-15 14:59:54masterfix payday with multiple rented homes, remove other common zero-transactions
a7d1a5af MasterM2020-08-15 14:35:48masterfix inGangwar detection (cross-checked by strobe)
8bb7ba65 MasterM2020-08-15 14:33:33masteradd debug for invalid ready players
0afe61de MasterM2020-08-15 14:23:02masterfix vehicle transport ramp on respawn, improve vehicle loading mode
4a0eeb22 MegaThorx2020-07-29 21:23:39hotfix/generalAdd prison/unprison api function
ae7698ef MegaThorx2020-07-29 21:23:25hotfix/generalAddendum last commit
45edae8f MegaThorx2020-07-29 11:28:36hotfix/generalAddendum last commit
4d710695 MegaThorx2020-07-29 11:19:23hotfix/generalAdd home button and change GUI size on ticket gui, Remove old ticket tab in AdminGUI
3c10edef MasterM2020-07-28 21:51:53masterremove garage spawn location, fix money display format
4ef95223 MasterM2020-07-28 21:35:39masterfix pilots license not being removed on 20 stvo points
9eab3442 MasterM2020-07-28 21:29:20masterfix many spelling errors
15e0af41 SlliX2020-07-28 21:14:00masteradd custom animations
0191ad55 MasterM2020-07-27 22:19:58hotfix/generaladdendum on fire debug
d4bf3631 Snake2020-07-26 20:05:03masterFix rescue stretcher not beeing removed after dc
7ebbbc85 Snake2020-07-26 19:38:21masterRename ShopNPC to TargetableNPC
3af5e0c6 Snake2020-07-25 19:46:06masterFix InteriorEnterExit error message
fa8e798f Snake2020-07-25 18:51:30masterFix error when copying objects
b43ef576 Snake2020-07-25 18:27:20masterFix map editor double click through gui windows