SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
64007110 MegaThorx2018-07-29 10:01:03masterFixed exo points storing
6f5a3da4 MasterM2018-07-28 20:01:41masterfixed phone issues, tried new lspd garage
70f7aade MasterM2018-07-28 18:13:01mastertests on phone calls
2a32fc31 MasterM2018-07-28 17:29:25masterfixed weap-remove on evil dc, rem.skin settings, weapon depot fixes
b95dc622 MasterM2018-07-28 17:11:27masterfixed chair and vehicle shop buy, added collectable statistic
39882003 Florian2018-07-28 00:48:57hotfix/generalReplace mistake in last commit
a9347056 Florian2018-07-28 00:45:35hotfix/generalRemove error message on impound explosive truck box
d0139545 Florian2018-07-28 00:26:00hotfix/generalRemove automatic wanteds on prison break
8575f205 Str02018-07-28 00:21:26masterSet Decision-Time back
4382af24 Str02018-07-28 00:20:51release/productionSet Decision-Time back
c123e479 Str02018-07-28 00:16:49masterFix on Gangwar-Pick
e3fecaab Str02018-07-28 00:16:06bugfix/gangwar-pickFix on Gangwar-Pick
55f1a7c1 Florian2018-07-27 23:14:06hotfix/generalReplace rescue skin
fcbfee53 Str02018-07-27 22:17:58hotfix/generalFix GangwarPick
24944409 Str02018-07-27 22:07:16hotfix/generalAddendum on last
cdf95995 Str02018-07-27 22:01:52hotfix/generalFix Map-Bugs; Fix Faction-Vehiclespawn
ccfd45ad Florian2018-07-27 21:55:11hotfix/generalPort player back to prison if the player try to break out without prison break action
b376254f Florian2018-07-27 21:46:09hotfix/generalClose all gates in prison if prison break is finished
6f948be2 Florian2018-07-27 21:10:29hotfix/generalAllow to use private weapons as member of an evil faction
f119381d Florian2018-07-27 21:09:36hotfix/generalAllow to store weapons as member of an evil faction
2572f8ec Florian2018-07-27 21:06:35hotfix/generalAllow to trade weapons as member of an evil faction
b80f67ff MegaThorx2018-07-27 18:38:19masterBumped version to 1.7
6b796636 Str02018-07-27 18:25:00masterAdd FactionSkins
12dedf62 MegaThorx2018-07-27 18:12:04masterFixed bug with weaponbox sasf and fixed prison gates
24f9c0f8 MegaThorx2018-07-27 14:43:36feature/redirectMoved resource to deps
87cf6e05 MegaThorx2018-07-27 14:41:01feature/redirectRemoved password
99736985 MegaThorx2018-07-27 14:21:11feature/redirectRedirection to new server
915c5b82 gatno2018-07-26 14:53:41masterForce rebuild
7aa1d630 gatno2018-07-26 11:06:16release/productionForce rebuild
74c035af megathorx2018-07-26 06:48:21masterReduced points for collectables slightly