SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
b9be3851 Frmn Hasanov2017-05-24 07:46:49Fixed Issue with broken GroupVehicles at first spawn
7698fbc7 gatno2017-05-24 01:38:56Updated Group Vehicle Sell System
8951049b gatno2017-05-23 01:05:13Started Vehicle Sell System for Groups
911828c0 Strobe2017-05-22 19:05:15Fixed Typo in #16e47b4
16e47b48 Strobe2017-05-22 18:52:38Fixed in PlayerManager.lua
8e965971 Frmn Hasanov2017-05-22 17:37:04Reworked Gate-System for keybinds
68e090ee Frmn Hasanov2017-05-22 16:53:33Added Seatbelt to bindable keys
51fafbab Frmn Hasanov2017-05-22 16:13:13Fixed SWT-Blip Bug
3f3168fa Strobe2017-05-22 15:08:05Adjusted Relation in CruiseControl
152c4b85 Strobe2017-05-22 14:34:08Removed Debugs
cd11d65f Strobe2017-05-22 14:26:36Adjusted DrivingSchool
d0598a6b Strobe2017-05-22 13:22:22Adjusted GroupVehicle-Spawns
76514582 Strobe2017-05-21 15:57:40Fixed Savezone at Townhall, Changed SWT-Destination, Added GW-Output
df052c6b Strobe2017-05-21 03:48:48Fixed camera-bug
87a03f1d Strobe2017-05-20 21:51:20Fixed another bug
6b758b5c Strobe2017-05-20 21:36:55Fixed Bugs 1349
68cdd13e Strobe2017-05-20 21:30:19Fixed Bug ID 1358
0f651d6d Strobe2017-05-20 21:05:21Fixed DrivingTest-Bug
bebe2df2 Strobe2017-05-20 20:35:36Fixed rank-up bug, fixed Texture-Shop bugs
b8bb1af4 HorrorClown2017-05-20 02:04:31Added camera for san news
e7da245d Strobe2017-05-18 18:45:10Changed DrivingSchool.lua to UTF-8
27cf67f3 Strobe2017-05-18 18:05:26Reduced Sniper-Effect
63791971 Strobe2017-05-18 17:51:28Added Armor-Giveout to WeaponDepot
bb1f8c61 Strobe2017-05-18 17:42:45Reworked Seatbelt Damages
65a703ab Strobe2017-05-18 17:39:23Addendum #3dd6016
3dd60167 Strobe2017-05-18 17:25:30Added Bike-Test
94556c29 HorrorClown2017-05-18 16:34:07Fixed fishing while player is in vehicle
e3f1569c Strobe2017-05-18 16:27:51Fixed bugs in DriveTest
c8b1d12a Strobe2017-05-18 04:33:54Implemented automatic driving-test
513267cf Strobe2017-05-17 23:10:47Disabled extraairresistance-glitch, possible fix on speedo