SHA1 Scripter Datum / Uhrzeit Text
797801fc HorrorClown2017-01-20 11:51:35Fixed Treasure Seeker info
5ca14dee gatno2017-01-20 02:38:19Started DeathMatch Script
45717861 gatno2017-01-20 01:28:03Fixed Faction GUI Back Button
3607345c gatno2017-01-20 01:04:01Fixed Faction Chat
c65ca947 HorrorClown2017-01-19 18:15:12Fixed Radar zone name position
947c7c40 HorrorClown2017-01-19 17:56:22Addendum to f79efff5aa34a8307edbc0b773215905d0e408c0
a51314af StiviiK2017-01-19 13:14:40Fixed usage of dcrun with no admin level
194aab39 StiviiK2017-01-19 13:12:18Fixed Notification issue
f79efff5 HorrorClown2017-01-19 01:55:19DM Race Event: Fixed Ghostmode, marker bug, player stats
56e0b19d gatno2017-01-19 00:30:01Probably Fixed TAB-Playingtime Issue
0ead40c9 gatno2017-01-19 00:02:29Fixed Ringtone Select
59541a7d HorrorClown2017-01-18 23:50:59Fixed DM Race Ghostmode
fda1fd12 gatno2017-01-18 23:12:31Removed Slotmachine Explosion
7f5aa99d gatno2017-01-18 23:10:39Fixed Offline Ban
6c1fac57 gatno2017-01-18 23:08:15Updated Medic Skin
46d169d0 gatno2017-01-18 23:03:37Added Fuelstation Collision
a8bb10b0 gatno2017-01-18 22:55:47Fixed Fire command
a3fe7ab5 gatno2017-01-18 22:53:26Fixed Rescue Vehicle Bug
f50d8fe4 gatno2017-01-18 22:49:33Fixed getOnlinePlayers for Factions and Companies
401ff939 gatno2017-01-18 22:34:07Addendum to last commit